AI-Powered Backup for Outlook and Exchange

Microsoft 365 Exchange Online Backup and Recovery: Secure, Reliable, and Intelligent

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Protect mail, contacts, and calendars stored in user and shared mailboxes with Alcion's AI-driven backup technology for Microsoft 365
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Experience seamless backup and recovery for both Outlook and Exchange data, ensuring your critical data are always safeguarded
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Simple and Efficient Microsoft 365 Exchange Backup Solution for Office Exchange Online

Ensure Every Email, Contact, and Calendar Event is Protected

In a business landscape where every email can be a deal-maker and every calendar invite a strategic milestone, Alcion ensures that enterprises never miss a “byte”. We're committed to preserving the sanctity of your Outlook and Exchange data, capturing every critical detail for your organization.

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Backup and restore Exchange online data for users and shared mailboxes
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Backup Outlook mailboxes, archives, folders, chats, calendars, contacts, messages, permissions, and more

“The peace of mind from reliable backups, taken many times a day, is amazing!”

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Ryan Elliott
VP, Client Solutions, KeSTA I.T.
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AI-driven Protection for Outlook, Exchange Online, and Microsoft 365 (O365) from Ransomware and Malware Threats

We know that for you, data protection isn't just a task - it's a commitment. Our proactive approach, combined with AI-driven mechanisms, aligns perfectly with your belief in staying ahead of potential issues.

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Rapid recovery from identified "safe" backups
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Delete protection to counteract malicious attacks on backup data

“Alcion’s malware detection and incident reporting delivers instant value to our customers that they won’t find in many other backup products.”

Photo of Bryan Whiting
Bryan Whiting
CTO, Milestone Financial Engineering

Fail-Safe Backup Mechanisms - Because Every Byte Matters

From Microsoft 365 admins to CTOs in large-scale organizations, the demand for consistent and error-free backups is universal. Alcion's robust infrastructure is designed to meet these high expectations every single time.

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Compliance Score for supported resource types
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Resilient and fault-tolerant backup engine purpose-built for Microsoft 365
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Zero reliance on “hacks” such as the recycle bin or legal holds
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Proactive backups if Alcion or 3rd parties detect external threats

“The Alcion backup platform took something that was complex, time-consuming, and unreliable, and made it simple, fast, and trusted.”

Photo of John Rossman
John Rossman
Managing Partner, Rossman Partners
Intelligent Backups - Alcion
Multi-Layered Security - Alcion

Fortified Access and Robust Security

Alcion resonates with the data protection ethos of modern organizations. Our stringent access controls and top-notch security measures echo your organization's trust in technology.

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Data is always encrypted, with TLS in flight and with AES-256 at rest
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Customer backup and restore jobs are physically isolated at the VM level
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Customer-managed encryption keys

Effortless Automation from Start to Finish

Our user-centric design ensures an intuitive experience for both backup and recovery operations. When you login, you get a single pane of glass summary of key stats - number of resources discovered and protected as well as status of recent backup and restore operations.

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Sign up to first backup in under 10 minutes
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User-friendly dashboard for easy management
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Quick restoration of Outlook and Exchange data
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Comprehensive logs and reports for transparency

“As someone that wears many hats, Alcion’s ease-of-use made protecting all our users and data a breeze.”

Photo of Sarah Beddow
Sarah Beddow
Managing Associate, Neighbors and Associates
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Security and Compliance

Your Data is Always Secure

We take the responsibility of capturing and storing your backups seriously. A deep focus on security, trust, and privacy is an integral part of Alcion’s operations, production development, and regulatory compliance. We are SOC 2 Type II certified, GDPR compliant, and more. Learn more on our Security page.
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How Alcion's Backup Platform for Microsoft 365 and Exchange Works

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Alcion for?

If you are a Microsoft 365 administrator, Alcion is tailor-made for you. Experience peace of mind with an AI-driven data protection platform for Microsoft 365, offered as a cloud backup service, that not only combats ransomware but also safeguards against accidental data loss. With our intuitive workflows, you will spend less time managing backups and more time focusing on what matters most. Alcion protects (to-date) Microsoft 365 services like Exchange Online, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. Plus, our multi-layered security means your data is protected, whether you are a seasoned admin or just getting started.

What are the benefits of having an Exchange Online Backup?

An Exchange Online backup is a crucial component of a comprehensive data protection strategy for businesses that rely on Microsoft 365 for their email and collaboration needs. By backing up Exchange Online data, organizations can safeguard against a wide range of data loss scenarios including protection against accidental deletions, malware attacks, and hardware failures. Alcion as a cloud-based backup solution that provides comprehensive protection for your Exchange Online data. Alcion's advanced features, including granular restoration, ransomware protection, and off-site storage, make it a powerful choice for safeguarding your business against data loss.

How does Alcion’s offering differ from everyone else’s?

With the diverse range of options available, each offering unique features and capabilities, it is crucial to compare Office 365 (Microsoft 365) solutions and assess your specific needs. Consider factors such as the size of your organization, the specific Microsoft 365 services you utilize, your security requirements, and budget constraints. Evaluate your options carefully, considering factors like scalability, ease of use, recovery options, and cost-effectiveness.  
Alcion stands out from the crowd of Exchange Online backup solutions thanks to its AI and multi-layered security, advanced ransomware and malware detection and protection capabilities, user-friendly interface, and cost-effectiveness.  

Support That Feels Like an Extension of Your Team


With 24x7 on call, we usually squash problems before you see them. However, if you have questions or run into anything, we offer friendly, empathetic support using the channel that works best for you (live chat, email, phone, videos, documentation and FAQs). Let us know how we can help!