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AI-driven approach to securely protect your data from ransomware, malware, accidents, and outages.

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Why Microsoft 365 Admins Love Alcion

Protection Against Malware And Ransomware

Secures your data against hackers using a multi-layered AI-driven approach.

Protection Against Malware And Ransomware - Alcion
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Ransomware and malware detection to deliver clean backups.
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Automated responses to 3rd party threat signals
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Delete protection to foil attacks on the backup platform.

“Alcion’s malware detection and incident reporting delivers instant value to our customers that they won’t find in many other backup products.”

Photo of Bryan Whiting
Bryan Whiting
CTO, Milestone Financial Engineering
Protection Against Malware And Ransomware - Alcion
Built For Ease-of-use, From The Ground Up - Alcion

Built For Ease-of-use, From The Ground Up

A delightful user experience that will free up many hours of your time.

Built For Ease-of-use, From The Ground Up - Alcion
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Signup to first backup in under 10 minutes.
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Modern UI that simplifies backup and restore workflows.
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Zero training required.
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No agents, software, or system management overhead.

“As someone that wears many hats, Alcion’s ease-of-use made protecting all our users and data a breeze.”

Photo of Sarah Beddow
Sarah Beddow
Managing Associate, Neighbors and Associates

Intelligent Backups

Alcion uses AI and predictive analytics to understand and intelligently protect your data.

Intelligent Backups - Alcion
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Maximize protection by scheduling backups during peak user activity.
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Proactive backups if Alcion or 3rd parties detect external threats.
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Fast recovery from clearly identified “safe” backups.

“The peace of mind from reliable backups, taken many times a day, is amazing!”

Photo of Ryan Elliott
Ryan Elliott
VP, Client Solutions, KeSTA I.T.
Intelligent Backups - Alcion
Robust Data Protection - Alcion

Robust Data Protection

Highly reliable backups that never leave you at a loss.

Robust Data Protection - Alcion
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Resilient and fault-tolerant backup engine purpose-built for Microsoft 365.
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Fast efficient backups and restores via a high-throughput data mover.
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Zero reliance on “hacks” such as the recycle bin or legal holds.
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No agents, software, or system management overhead.

“The Alcion backup platform took something that was complex, time-consuming, and unreliable, and made it simple, fast, and trusted.”

Photo of John Rossman
John Rossman
Managing Partner, Rossman Partners

Security and Compliance

Your Data is Always Secure

We take the responsibility of capturing and storing your backups seriously. A deep focus on security, trust, and privacy is an integral part of Alcion’s operations, production development, and regulatory compliance. We are SOC 2 Type II certified, GDPR compliant, and more. Learn more on our Security page.
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Blazingly Fast Setup. Easiest Onboarding Ever.

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Blazingly Fast Setup. Easiest Onboarding Ever - Alcion
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