Microsoft 365 Data Protection for Security-Conscious Organizations

The next-generation backup platform for Microsoft 365 that takes on all the heavy lifting needed to secure your data.

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Comprehensive Data Coverage

Capture and consolidate data and metadata spread across all popular Microsoft 365 services.

Comprehensive Data Coverage - Alcion
Exchange - Alcion

Protects mail, contacts, and calendars stored in user and shared mailboxes.

OneDrive - Alcion

Backup all files, including PowerPoint, Excel, and Word, and metadata including permissions.

SharePoint - Alcion

Protects files within Document Libraries, Pages and Lists.

Teams - Alcion

Backup messages, files, mailboxes, and calendar from Teams workflows.

Intelligent Backups - Alcion

Intelligent Backups

Use of AI and predictive analytics to intelligently create safe backups.

Intelligent Backup Scheduling - Alcion
Intelligent Backup Scheduling

Minimize data-loss with user activity optimized backup schedules.

Proactive Backups - Alcion
Proactive Backups

Use Microsoft Defender threat signals to invoke proactive backups.

Malware Elimination - Alcion
Malware Elimination

Discovered malware is skipped to create clean backups.

Ransomware Detection - Alcion
Ransomware Detection

Detection of ransomware attacks when they happen.

Safe Backup Identification - Alcion
Safe Backup Identification

Identify known safe backups for faster recovery during times of attack.

Delete Protection - Alcion
Delete Protection

Delayed and cancellable deletion of backups to thwart cyber attacks.

Robust Data Protection

Everything needed to create highly reliable backups and efficient restores.

Robust Data Protection - Alcion
Optimized Backup Engine - Alcion
Optimized Backup Engine

Resilient, high-throughput, fault-tolerant data mover optimized for Microsoft 365 API limitations.

Automation - Alcion

Automatic discovery and protection of new resources with automated backup scheduling.

On-demand Backups - Alcion
On-demand Backups

Manual backups to protect important checkpoints.

Backup Efficiency - Alcion
Backup Efficiency

Backups only capture incremental changes but are always stored as full backups for fast restores.

Search - Alcion

Blazingly fast search within backups to quickly discover required data.

Fine-grained Restore - Alcion
Fine-grained Restore

Flexibility to restore all or only required data from a backup and control restore destination behavior.

Multi-Layered Security - Alcion

Multi-Layered Security

Security in depth to keep your data safe.

Microsoft Login - Alcion
Microsoft Login

Access with Microsoft credentials, no new logins to manage or leak.

Encryption - Alcion

Data is always encrypted, with TLS in flight and with AES-256 at rest.

Tenant Isolation - Alcion
Tenant Isolation

Customer backup and restore jobs are physically isolated at the VM level.

Per-tenant Data Encryption Keys - Alcion
Per-tenant Encryption Keys

Client-side data encryption using per-tenant keys that are independent from object storage.

Customer-Managed Encryption Keys - Alcion
Customer-Managed Encryption Keys

Encrypt backup data with encryption keys provided and controlled by customer.

Customer-Managed Storage Location - Alcion
Customer-Managed Storage

Use customer-provided object storage to store backups.

Platform Certification - Alcion
Platform Certification

SOC 2 Type II

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