AI-Powered Backup for microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams Backup and Recovery: Safeguard Your Collaborative Workspace Against Cyber Threats

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Secure all Microsoft Teams channels – standard, private, or shared, ensuring comprehensive data protection and recovery.
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Cutting-edge AI-driven ransomware detection and protection for your data with Alcion’s Microsoft 365 Backup solution.
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Effortless Microsoft Teams Backup: Advanced Security and User-Friendly Backup as a Service

Protecting your Collaborative Workspace

Secure your collaborative spaces with Alcion's comprehensive backup for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Groups. With Alcion’s Microsoft 365 Backup keep your team's communication and shared resources safe and easily recoverable.

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Alcion seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams to back up messages across standard, private, and shared channels, ensuring no conversation is left unprotected and easily retrievable.
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While SharePoint sites are independently secured, Alcion smartly maps and tracks the connections between Teams, Groups, and their corresponding SharePoint sites, offering a holistic backup solution.
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Consistent and reliable data protection, fully aligned with Microsoft 365.
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Flexible backup and fine-grained restore options tailored for Teams.

“The peace of mind from reliable backups, taken many times a day, is amazing!”

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Ryan Elliott
VP, Client Solutions, KeSTA I.T.
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AI-driven Protection for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 from Ransomware and Malware Threats

Alcion's Microsoft 365 Backup solution offers a multi-layered AI-driven protection for Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and Exchange Online to secure data against malware and ransomware threats.

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Continuous learning algorithms for adapting to evolving cyber threats.
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Proactive threat identification to mitigate risks before they escalate.
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Fast and efficient data recovery for minimal business disruption.

“Alcion’s malware detection and incident reporting delivers instant value to our customers that they won’t find in many other backup products.”

Photo of Bryan Whiting
Bryan Whiting
CTO, Milestone Financial Engineering

Intelligent Data Protection: Shielding Every Conversation

Leverage Alcion's intelligent scheduling and proactive backups to reduce data loss windows and enhance the recovery point objective (RPO) for Microsoft Teams.

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Resilient and fault-tolerant backup engine purpose-built for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.
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Zero reliance on “hacks” such as the recycle bin or legal holds
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Proactive backups initiated based on low-latency data scan results and threat signals.
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Clean backup identification for quicker and safer recovery post-attacks.

“The Alcion backup platform took something that was complex, time-consuming, and unreliable, and made it simple, fast, and trusted.”

Photo of John Rossman
John Rossman
Managing Partner, Rossman Partners
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Fortified Access and Robust Security for Microsoft Teams

Alcion stands at the forefront of safeguarding collaborative environments. We understand the importance of Microsoft Teams in your day-to-day operations and offer unparalleled protection and management capabilities.

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All data, whether in transit or at rest, is protected using state-of-the-art TLS and AES-256 encryption standards, ensuring top-level security at all times.
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Customer backup and restore jobs are physically isolated at the VM level.
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Customer-managed encryption keys
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SOC-2 Type II certification, validating robust security controls.

Effortless Automation from Start to Finish

Our user-centric design ensures an intuitive experience for both backup and recovery operations. View key statistics, manage backups, and control restoration processes – all from a single, intuitive dashboard.

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Sign up to first backup in under 10 minutes
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No software installation or advanced configuration required.
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Modern, clean UI with simplified yet robust workflows.
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Designed for both experienced backup admins and IT generalists, minimizing training needs.

“As someone that wears many hats, Alcion’s ease-of-use made protecting all our users and data a breeze.”

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Sarah Beddow
Managing Associate, Neighbors and Associates
Built For Ease-of-use, From The Ground Up - Alcion

Security and Compliance

Your Data is Always Secure

We take the responsibility of capturing and storing your backups seriously. A deep focus on security, trust, and privacy is an integral part of Alcion’s operations, production development, and regulatory compliance. We are SOC 2 Type II certified, GDPR compliant, and more. Learn more on our Security page.
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How Alcion's Backup Platform for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams Works

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Alcion for?

If you are a Microsoft 365 administrator, Alcion is tailor-made for you. Experience peace of mind with an AI-driven data protection platform for Microsoft 365, offered as a cloud backup service, that not only combats ransomware but also safeguards against accidental data loss. With our intuitive workflows, you will spend less time managing backups and more time focusing on what matters most. Alcion protects (to-date) Microsoft 365 services like Exchange Online, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. Plus, our multi-layered security means your data is protected, whether you are a seasoned admin or just getting started.

Is Alcion GDPR/HIPPA/CCPA compliant?

A deep focus on security, trust, and privacy is an integral part of Alcion’s operations, production development, and regulatory compliance. We are SOC 2 Type II certified, GDPR compliant, and more. Learn more on our Security page.

Why is backing up Microsoft Teams data important?

Backing up Microsoft Teams data is crucial for maintaining business continuity and data integrity. Alcion's backup solutions provide essential protection against data loss due to accidental deletions, ransomware attacks, and other cyber threats. Key reasons to back up Microsoft Teams data include:
- Safeguarding against data loss in collaborative environments where information is constantly exchanged and modified.
- Ensuring compliance with data retention policies and regulatory requirements.
- Providing a reliable recovery solution to quickly restore data and minimize disruption in your operations.

How to backup Microsoft Teams?

Backing up Microsoft Teams effectively requires a comprehensive approach that addresses various data types, including chats, files, and channels. Alcion provides an AI-driven, robust Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform specifically designed for Microsoft Teams. It automates the backup process, ensuring all your Teams data is securely backed up and easily restorable. With Alcion, you can:
- Automatically back up chats, files, and channels with schedule flexibility.  
- Ensure data integrity with Alcion's ransomware and malware protection.
- Enjoy quick and reliable data restoration in case of accidental loss or cyber threats.
You may start on your own with our easy-to-follow Quick start guide. If you have concerns or questions, our support team is ready to assist you. You may also join our community forum to learn more about best practices and real-world applications.

Support That Feels Like an Extension of Your Team


With 24x7 on call, we usually squash problems before you see them. However, if you have questions or run into anything, we offer friendly, empathetic support using the channel that works best for you (live chat, email, phone, videos, documentation and FAQs). Let us know how we can help!