Apr 30, 2024
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AI-Driven Data Protection – Fact vs Fiction

AI-Driven Data Protection – Fact vs Fiction

AI in tech can feel like a superhero in a spring blockbuster - hyped, misunderstood, but undeniably powerful. In part II of our AI-Driven blog series, this blog post separates fact from fiction, revealing how AI is truly a powerful ally in the realm of data protection. Let’s dive in!

#1 AI can make my data more secure against threats like ransomware -- FACT

AI can be a formidable tool against digital threats. The use of AI models to detect ransomware attacks is helping set new data protection standards, promising a more secure future for businesses.

Alcion's industry-leading threat detection utilizes continuous and unsupervised machine learning algorithms to detect ransomware early, and on a granular per- file, per-user level. It offers a granular layer of security that traditional methods can't match. Alcion also integrates seamlessly with Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solutions like Microsoft Defender. This allows Alcion’s threat detection engine to combine multiple signals to improve ransomware detection.  

#2 Use of Intelligent backups can help me minimize RPO and data loss -- FACT

Say goodbye to outdated backup schedules. Alcion’s intelligent backup scheduling observes user activity patterns and schedules backups accordingly. This ensures your most critical data is protected during peak usage times, significantly reducing Recovery Point Objectives (RPO), and minimizing data loss.

#3 AI powered SaaS platforms cannot ensure data privacy and compliance -- FICTION

The notion that SaaS platforms and AI powered solutions compromise data privacy and compliance is a common misconception. A security-first approach is paramount for SaaS data protection platforms. Alcion prioritizes data privacy with strict tenant isolation and advanced malware defenses, ensuring your sensitive information stays safe and sound. Further, Alcion’s AI models that use normal user behavior to detect anomalies are never shared across customers.

#4 I can get started with AI-driven backup and security, without advanced expertise and training -- FACT

While implementing AI today is often associated with hard-to-find talent and expensive infrastructure, Alcion does the heavy lifting for its users. Alcion is built for IT generalists, with an emphasis on ease of use. In addition, it seamlessly integrates the use of AI into core backup, recovery, and security workflows. Alcion’s customers don’t require staff with AI expertise or any custom integration that can be complex with legacy systems. Customers and partners can onboard in less than 10 minutes and simplify backup and restore workflows, using AI to save time for staff to focus on more strategic tasks.  

#5 My Microsoft 365 data is already backed up using AI and doesn’t need additional protection -- FICTION

The high value of data stored in the Microsoft 365 environments makes them a prime target for cybercriminals. While Microsoft 365 has introduced a number of industry-leading Copilot features, they do not offer AI-enabled backup and recovery workflows. While there is some level of security, relying solely on their built-in protections is like using a padlock on a bank vault—it simply isn’t enough. The well-documented shared responsibility model of Microsoft means that while they manage the infrastructure, you're responsible for your data.  

When considering backup solutions for Microsoft 365, businesses must look for a smart, robust, and modern service that optimizes the backup schedules based on user activity, integrates malware elimination, and provides robust ransomware detection.  

Wrapping up

AI in data protection isn't just hype – it's the future. Alcion delivers cutting-edge solutions that are not only intelligent but also intuitive. Try Alcion for free today to experience the solution firsthand.

Embrace a future where AI and action join forces, so your data's safety is never left to chance. Stay tuned for more insights on how Alcion can be your data protection champion!

Shilpi Srivastava
Shilpi Srivastava
Head of Corporate and Product Marketing

Shilpi is passionate about all things data, AI, and cloud. She is the Head of Corporate and Product Marketing at Alcion. Her early career as a systems engineer at JP Morgan Chase ignited a passion for data-driven solutions. Since then Shilpi has held marketing leadership positions at Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Pure Storage, bringing to market products and services spanning cloud infrastructure, data management, AI Ops, and cybersecurity. Now, at Alcion, she thrives on delving deeper into AI-driven innovation within the data protection space and sharing these innovations with the world.