Mar 27, 2024
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3 Ways AI is Revolutionizing Data Protection

3 Ways AI is Revolutionizing Data Protection

World Backup Day might remind you of that time you forgot to save a critical document (we've all been there!). But let's face it, these days the threats are much bigger than a simple oops moment.  Ransomware attacks and cyberthreat have become inevitable.

But fear not, fellow data warriors! Just like technology keeps evolving, so do our defenses.  Enter the mighty force of AI (Artificial Intelligence), ready to revolutionize the way we protect our applications and data.

Niraj Tolia, Alcion’s CEO, recently outlined his predictions for data protection in 2024. Highlighting the crucial role of AI, Niraj emphasized that "AI will be the only true way of approaching the ever-increasing complexity of security, backups and data protection." So, let’s dive into his insights and explore three ways AI is shaping the future of data security.

1. Enhanced AI-powered Ransomware Detection

With growing threat of ransomware, organizations must invest in early detection and prioritize minimizing data loss in the event of an attack. Modern AI-powered ransomware detection that employs multiple AI models to identify a wide variety of ransomware strains and spot them early, before they impact the business, is a must for your business today. Through continuous learning techniques, modern solutions can identify attacks with greater granularity, including on the file and user level, providing advanced security built right into the data protection service.  

2. Intelligence Built into Backup and Recovery

Companies truly devoted to innovation are integrating AI into their product's core and leveraging it to address real-world problems. In the world of data protection this translates to the use of AI to optimize backup processes based on user behavior. For example, Alcion uses AI to intelligently schedule backups, something that would never be feasible with a manual approach. This helps ensure that important data is backed up frequently based on when each user is working. Similarly, intelligence is used to remove malware from backups and mark malware-free backups as safe for faster recovery in the event of a cyberattack.  

3. Saving IT Administrators Time

IT professionals today wear many hats. AI will continue to play a critical role in saving IT staff time so they can focus on strategic initiatives. It will do the heavy lifting to help reduce RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective), fine-tuning configurations that would manually be infeasible and allowing users to use natural language to drastically simplify backup operations. 

Ready to Assemble Your Data Protection A-Team?

Embracing AI for data protection doesn't have to be complicated. Find a solution that’s designed to simplify backups and enhance data security. Alcion uses AI to make Microsoft 365 backup and security radically simple and more reliable than previously possible. It is built to help IT professionals of all skill levels get started with cloud backups within minutes, prevent data loss from ransomware and malware threat, and protect their cloud office data through a modern SaaS platform.  

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Want to Learn More about Data Protection 2024 Predictions?  

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Shilpi Srivastava
Shilpi Srivastava
Head of Corporate and Product Marketing

Shilpi is passionate about all things data, AI, and cloud. She is the Head of Corporate and Product Marketing at Alcion. Her early career as a systems engineer at JP Morgan Chase ignited a passion for data-driven solutions. Since then Shilpi has held marketing leadership positions at Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Pure Storage, bringing to market products and services spanning cloud infrastructure, data management, AI Ops, and cybersecurity. Now, at Alcion, she thrives on delving deeper into AI-driven innovation within the data protection space and sharing these innovations with the world.