Protect Your M365 and O365 Data against Ransomware Threats

AI-Driven Ransomware Protection for Microsoft 365: Secure, Reliable, and Intelligent

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Defend your organizational backups against ransomware and malware
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Stay ahead of threats with real-time ransomware detection and action
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No CC Required | SOC 2 Type II
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Office 365 Ransomware Protection:
Empowering Microsoft 365 Admins for Rapid Recovery

Your Comprehensive Ransomware Protection for Microsoft 365

In today's digital landscape, safeguarding your Microsoft 365 data requires more than just backups. Embrace a solution that not only understands your needs as an M365 administrator but also offers a multi-layered defense against evolving cyber threats, seamlessly integrating into your existing IT framework.
With Alcion, every piece of data across Exchange, Outlook, SharePoint, and OneDrive is backed up with precision, preserving its original state.

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Layered defense for your data. Enjoy peace of mind with protection that goes beyond standard backups, securing every layer of your data
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Designed specifically with M365 administrators in mind, ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience
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Your backups remain shielded from malware or other cyber threats, letting you operate with assurance

“The peace of mind from reliable backups, taken many times a day, is amazing!”

Photo of Ryan Elliott
Ryan Elliott
VP, Client Solutions, KeSTA I.T.
Comprehensive Data Coverage - Alcion
Intelligent Backups - Alcion

AI-Driven Ransomware and Malware Protection

At Alcion, we understand that the digital landscape is constantly evolving, and so are the threats. Our cutting-edge AI and machine learning systems are attuned to the nuances of modern ransomware attacks, offering your organization proactive protection.

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Our AI algorithms use multiple models to detect different ransomware variants such as partial vs. full file encryption, in-place encryption vs. file replacement, and fast vs. slow attacks
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Before threats can escalate, our system initiates protective backups, reducing potential damage and safeguarding data
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Industry-leading per-user and per-file ransomware detection with continuous model learning
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Instant notifications paired with automated responses ensure that threats are not only detected but also neutralized immediately
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Automated responses to 3rd party threat signals from your XDR system

“Alcion’s malware detection and incident reporting delivers instant value to our customers that they won’t find in many other backup products.”

Photo of Bryan Whiting
Bryan Whiting
CTO, Milestone Financial Engineering

Data Integrity Verification, Because Every Byte Matters

In today's digital era, your organization's Microsoft 365 data integrity is paramount. With Alcion by your side, rest assured that every byte of your data stays authentic, pure, and free from unwarranted alterations.

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Your data is cloaked in security, with encryption measures in place both during transfer (in-flight) and while stored (at rest)
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Every piece of data undergoes cryptographic checksums, ensuring its integrity and confirming that it remains unaltered during storage or transmission
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Regular integrity audits ensure that your backups are consistent, reliable, and ready for restoration whenever needed
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To further ensure the integrity and reliability of backups, our platform supports automated test restores, validating that data remains pristine and restorable

“The Alcion backup platform took something that was complex, time-consuming, and unreliable, and made it simple, fast, and trusted.”

Photo of John Rossman
John Rossman
Managing Partner, Rossman Partners
Multi-Layered Security - Alcion
Robust Data Protection - Alcion

Access Safe Backups, Even After Deletion

Effortlessly locate and retrieve "safe" backups, ensuring your operations continue unhindered. Even if backups gets deleted, you have the power to "undelete" them, offering a safety net against attacks on the backup system.

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Minimize downtime by accessing clean backups with ease
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In the event of an attack, regain control, and restore crucial data seamlessly
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Our system is consistently on guard, ensuring the backups you need are always safe and accessible
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Enjoy an added layer of protection, ensuring your data's availability even post-deletion

Effortless Automation from Start to Finish

Experience Alcion's hands-free backup process that complements your proactive approach, efficiently managing every stage. When you login, you get a single pane of glass summary of key stats - number of resources discovered and protected as well as status of recent backup and restore operations.

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Sign up to first backup in under 10 minutes
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Modern UI that simplifies backup and restore workflows
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Zero training required
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No agents, software, or system management overhead

“As someone that wears many hats, Alcion’s ease-of-use made protecting all our users and data a breeze.”

Photo of Sarah Beddow
Sarah Beddow
Managing Associate, Neighbors and Associates
Built For Ease-of-use, From The Ground Up - Alcion

Security and Compliance

Your Data is Always Secure

We take the responsibility of capturing and storing your backups seriously. A deep focus on security, trust, and privacy is an integral part of Alcion’s operations, production development, and regulatory compliance. We are SOC 2 Type II certified, GDPR compliant, and more. Learn more on our Security page.
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How Alcion's Backup Platform for Microsoft 365  Works

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Alcion for?

If you are a Microsoft 365 administrator, Alcion is tailor-made for you. Experience peace of mind with an AI-driven data protection platform for Microsoft 365, offered as a cloud backup service, that not only combats ransomware but also safeguards against accidental data loss. With our intuitive workflows, you will spend less time managing backups and more time focusing on what matters most. Alcion protects (to-date) Microsoft 365 services like Exchange Online, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. Plus, our multi-layered security means your data is protected, whether you are a seasoned admin or just getting started.

How does Alcion's solution protect my Microsoft 365 suite from ransomware attacks?

Alcion is focused on building a data protection solution for the modern age – in addition to our cloud-native architecture, Alcion’s platform leverages artificial intelligence in multiple components of the product, from intelligent backups to compliance scoring to ransomware detection. But what separates us from other data protection services is that we’ve built these AI models to help solve the problem that we obsess over – protecting our customers’ mission-critical data.

What is ransomware and how does it affect my business Microsoft 365 (O365) data?

Ransomware attackers often target Microsoft 365 due to its widespread usage in businesses. They exploit vulnerabilities in unpatched systems or use phishing attacks targeting M365 credentials. Once inside, they can encrypt emails, OneDrive files, SharePoint documents, and more. The risk includes not only data loss but also disruption in communication and business operations, making it crucial for M365 users to be vigilant and well-protected.

What steps can I take to protect my Microsoft 365 data from ransomware?

To protect your Microsoft 365 data, it is essential to combine multiple security measures. Check out our recommendation on the must-have capabilities of any solution that claims to effectively protect you from ransomware. The recommendations apply regardless of whether you are evaluating a new modern data protection solution or looking to re-configure your existing solution.

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